Journal of Band Research

A Repertoire Anthology

Terry Austin, Editor

For a half century, the ABA Journal of Band Research has been at the forefront of our understanding of wind band repertoire, attracting some of the most important wind band composers and conductors to write about the great works for wind band.

This book (Catalog no. G-8374) is a compilation of many of the great articles that have been published over the past 50 years.
It is available through GIA Publications, Inc., 7404 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638, at a cost of $28.95.  See

From 1964, Herbert W. Fred discusses “Percy Grainger’s Music for Wind Band” and Vincent Persichetti reflects on his own “Symphony No. 6 for Band.”  From 1971, David Whitwell opens the door into “The Enigma of Copland’s Emblems.” And in 1973, Karel Husa writes “Apotheosis of the Earth: Some Thoughts.”

Other articles include “Thematic Derivations in the Holst First Suite in E Flat” by Charles Gallagher (1965), “Hammersmith and the Two Worlds of Gustav Holst” by Robert Cantrick (1977), and “Analysis: Winds of Nagual by Michael Colgrass” by James Mathes (1987).

All told, the 29 articles in this anthology paint a remarkable picture of the wind band world at its best and provide remarkable insights into some of the timeless masterpieces of the wind band repertoire.

John R. Locke is Editor of the JBR and Director of Bands at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
William J. Moody is Editor Emeritus of the JBR.

The “Anthology” was a project of ABA’s Educational Projects Committee, Richard L. Floyd, Chair.